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Power Controlling® di Michele Carollo

Michele Carollo


Controlling, Business & Financial Planning, Web Marketing


+39 349 37 59 492



Via Panoramica 14,

Poggiridenti, Sondrio, 23020, Italy

Date of Birth:

November 15th, 1990

" The computer is fast, accurate, and stupid. Man is slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. The marriage of the two is a force beyond calculation."

▪ 10+ years of trading on the financial markets (Equity & Forex);

▪ SAMT Member - Swiss Association of Market Technicians;

▪ Mastery of all financial tools;
▪ In-depth knowledge of accounting and fiscal issues, with a special focus on the farming industry, financial and business analysis (controlling for the small-medium sized firms, "PMI");

▪ Controller (certificate of quality and professional qualification under Law n. 4/2013, "MISE" recognition and UNI standards);

▪ BI, CREF, crypto/digital assets, data analysis (Excel), ESG, leadership effectiveness, Macabus specialization and FPWM™, FTIP™ certification; 

▪ AssoController associate and IMA® professional member;

▪ RAO (digital signature, SPID);
▪ Mastery of all IT aspects (cloud computing, SEO, SEM, electronic invoicing, social media, digital marketing, GDPR);
▪ Severals partnerships and wide network (Knightsbridge Trading Academy, LSEG Academy, Enigma Strategy, financial brokers, CCIAA, Coldiretti, and so on).


I am a controller, I deal with business consultancy and financial analysis. I am an AssoController associate (the largest and most active association that brings together the various Italian professionals in the industry).


I pay great attention to small and medium-sized businesses and I am in close contact with the local area. In this way, I have been following the agricultural and primary sectors for several years.


I also deal with tax planning and subsidized finance: I try to optimize the business from a tax point of view and seek the best public financing and the best finance tools to support businesses. In this regard, I build business plans and budget estimates, with a cash flow logic (great importance to liquidity and to the treasury budget).

I like to think outside the box, I define myself as an unconventional consultant who seeks added value for the client (economic or otherwise), following logics borrowed from other countries or singular but efficient mental approaches that aim for flexibility.

Indeed, I have a multidisciplinary training that aims to obtain maximum synergy and value for the client. I have a degree in economics and a master's degree in corporate finance and legislation, at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. I have also a master in anti-money laundering and statutory auditing (Euroconference, Eutekne). 

I have followed various courses and have various certifications: ranging from economics, computer science, statistics, programming, reporting, marketing, industrial law and law in general, pure finance and trading (master's degree at Knightsbridge Trading Academy and I am a SAMT associate, the Swiss Association of Technical Analysts, I am a Forex Trader), and then finishing to studies on human resources, sociology, psychology and business organisation ; more specifically,, CFI, CompTIA, CPD, DataCamp, Enigma Strategy, Excel8020, Fiscal Focus, Google Analytics, HRCI, IIBA, IMA, InfoCamere, JGP Trade, Linkedin Learning, LSEG Academy, MeliusForm Business School, Namirial, NASBA, PMI, SAP, Sas, Semrush, SHRM.


As mentioned, I never use the same approach/discipline because the company must be analyzed as a whole. And this allows me to collaborate with various companies/institutions/other professionals: like various financial brokers, foreign companies (such as Dialectica Ltd, Prosapient Ltd, Insights Driven Research Llc), Tasse & Trading Srl, blogs and information portals that give me the opportunity to write professional articles on controlling and more (such as MeliusForm, IPSOA ,


I have contracts, partnerships and collaborations with Studio Tecnico di Pedrotti Tania, with Namirial S.p.A, one of the largest companies in the industry and trust services provider, regarding digital signature and other IT services (I am a certified RAO), with IAL Lombardia Srl, regarding training for self-entrepreneurship, with Coldiretti, the trade association for the agricultural industry, with lawyers, notaries, accountants and other professionals and with the aforementioned SAMT (I am also the administrator of the Italy Chapter, "The Wooz Academy"), I have also a partnership with Esseci Studi e Consulenze Srl, a company that deals with consultancy in subsidized finance.

I am a person who gets bored easily and always seeks new professional motivations (the continuous training is essential) and this is only a plus for the customer. For doubts, questions or even just to have a chat, contact me without problems and you will be amazed by the enthusiasm and competence I put into what I do and into my profession.


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10+ Years of Experience


50+ Firms


5+ Disciplines


40+ Training Institutes


Accounting, Tax Consulting & Tax Planning

AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence

Digital Signature, E-invoicing, Certified Mail

Electronic Payments, FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Cybersecurity

File, Storage & Sharing

Finance, Budgeting, Controlling, Forecast & Financial Planning 

Labor Consulting

Legal Consulting, Privacy, Anti-money Laundering

Office Suite & Mail

Reporting & Data Processing

Social Networks, Web, Blogging & Apps

Statistics & Programming

Technical Consulting

Trading, Investing, Financial Markets & Financial Services

Web & Digital Marketing, Web Design, Artistic Drawing

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